Travel: Rome Attractions

Vatican City in Rome

The Vatican, one of the most famous Rome landmarks and a popular tourist destination. The Vatican confirmed in 1929 that it is an independent state. Highlights include the many museums and exhibitions in church history. The Vatican City is approximately 44 hectares with the smallest independent state in the world. The central government consists of the Pope as head of state and government bodies.


The Vatican State extends to the right bank of the Tiber River on a slightly sloping site. In ancient times, the area was part of the Vatican Hill.

Vatican Museums

The museums are one of the Holy See and as Rome sights; they were created with data collected by the popes. It comes to Etruscan-Italic antiquities, early Christian and medieval art of the 3 to 14 Century, classical antiquity, Renaissance art 15 to 19 Century, contemporary art and ethnographic collections. The complex is still one of the largest museums in the world. Opening times: Monday to Saturday 08:30 to 18:00.

Vatican Gardens

The Vatican Gardens comprise about half the territory of the Vatican City and Rome are sights and a nice destination. Extensive lawns cover in particular the flat part near the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, but also maintained flowerbeds also can be found here. Visitors to the gardens fall in love quickly in their beauty. The nature, connected with the religious and historical circumstances, represents a unique experience for tourists in Rome.

Rome Attractions: Roman Forum

Today the Roman Forum offers many attractions.

Here was the centre of life of the city of Rome – the economy, the politics, and the religion. The Roman Forum included a prison, basilicas, numerous temples, podiums, but also the meeting hall of the Senate. A large part of the Roman forum was used for the different markets, for example in the vegetable market.

The Roman Forum symbolizes the fame and reputation of the city of Rome. The ruins still give the visitor the opportunity to get an insight into the early history and imagine how people lived.

Travel: Amazing places in Italy

Lake Garda

The lake is the most famous and largest lake in Italy, just 30 kilometres from Verona, 100 km and 130 km Milan to Venice. The lake is a very popular destination for tourists. There are numerous hotels around the lake, apartments, guesthouses and campsites. The lake offers tourists a wonderful, colourful landscape. In the north, it is bounded by the Dolomites of Brenta and in the south by gentle slopes of the moraine hills.

The beauty of the landscape and the wonderful atmosphere of the lake can be discovered and admired by a walk on the trails or cruising. Lake Garda is the ideal starting point for excursions to cities such as Verona, Venice or the Dolomites to explore a few sites, such as cannot miss a night at the opera in the arena of Verona as destinations.

Throughout the year and especially during the summer, Lake Garda offers a huge selection of other attractions besides the sights: Musical entertainment, theatre performances, concerts, wine – and catering events as well as artistic and sporting events. There are amusement parks, many beautiful hiking trails, which can be travelled by bike or on foot. The parks provide with their own slogans for the tourists represent a major attraction.These are just some of the many attractions that can be visited while on holiday on Lake Garda.

The beaches on Lake Garda are not very large – 158 km coastline. For sports enthusiasts, Lake Garda offers courses in high quality and opportunities for tennis, scuba diving, kart racing, paragliding and much more.Overall, we can conclude that a vacationing along Lake Garda surely is exciting experience that will help you to relax.

Colosseum in Rome

The Colosseum in Rome is the symbol of the Eternal City.

It offers 50 000 people place. The Colosseumwas built during the reign of Emperor Titus. The inauguration ceremony has lasted 100 days with numerous gladiator competitions.The Colosseum was used in the Middle Ages as a fortress. Later it was used in the Renaissance as a quarry.

The Roman Forum was the days of the Roman Empire, the centre of cultural, religious, economic, but also political life of the city. Roman buildings in the forum could be divided into three different types. There were, for example, administrative buildings, religious buildings and buildings used for agriculture. The first temples were dedicated to the gods Saturn and Castor.

Travel: Destination Italy

The destination Italy is for the most part on the Apennine peninsula, which resembles a boot shape. The capital is Rome. Italy is the land area of 301338 km ², with about 60,340,328 inhabitants. The states of France, Austria, Slovenia and the enclaves of San Marino and the Vatican City are adjacent to Italy. The Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Sicily and the islands of the Egadi Islands, Aeolian Islands, Tremiti Islands and the Tuscan Archipelago also belong to Italy. The east coast is called the Italian Adriatic coast, with a coastline of 7375 kilometres.

The longest rivers are Po, Arno, and Adige River Tiber. Among the largest of the Italian lakes, include Lake Garda, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Trasimeno and Bolsena. These large lakes are among the major destinations in Italy. The largest provinces are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Bari, Palermo, Brescia, Salerno, Catania and Bergamo.These cities have many attractions to offer.

Italy for many tourists is the country of dreams and longings. Many travellers keep the land for the world’s most romantic holiday destination. Pleasant climate, beautiful cities with a large number of sights, good cuisine with dishes and foods like pizza, pesto, pantone, ice cream or tiramisu, excellent wines, white or deep red, to oceans, plains and mountains or design, theatre, film, Literature, poetry and painting.

The destinations are beautiful in every season, and tourists with different interests can find everything, anything that will make them happy. Beach lovers as and these of winter sports also will not be disappointed.Rome, the capital, is also one of the most popular destinations in Italy. The lively town with many historic attractions including the world famous Coliseum. The museum city has many monuments. UNESCO declared the Eternal City a World Heritage Site. Garda is the largest lake in Italy and is also a sought-after destination.

There are islands in the lake, the largest being Isola Del Garda. In Manerba and San Felice Bay Isola San Biagio with the neighboring island iConigli. San Biagio is accessible by boat, but also from the mainland.